Something funny that happens in Spanish is that el novio / la novia mean both “boyfriend / girlfriend” and “fiancé / fiancée” AND ALSO “bride / groom” or “newlywed”.

So when someone tells me son novios / son novias I can never really tell how excited I should be for them. 

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Oh hey Q A Q My entry for the NightVale Shirt contesto!

I think it would be really neat printed just regular but boy oh boy WOULD SILVER BE FUCKING NEAT.


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Free of charge


Free of charge

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Johnny Boy (layered) - Twenty One Pilots

(you need headphones)

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Fr- Aujourd’hui



In older French hui meant today, but we kept saying “au jour d’hui”, literally “at the day of today” or “at today’s day” or whatever, which means “nowadays” or “these days”

So it became the actual current word for today: aujourd’hui.

But we keep saying it: au jour d’aujourd’hui

kinda similar with the Italian oggigiorno which has two roots for “day” in it, both from oggi (from Latin hodiē) and the modern giorno

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HARRY POTTER VOCAB - Créatures magiques - Magical creatures

> Other posts in my harry potter vocab tag, and in this post. More to come!

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The line “you were too far away to see the fallout” in Fought For Me always makes me imagine someone who couldn’t go to a Fall Out Boy show.

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